Ranking & Rating
Our ranking process:
There is nothing new about rating and ranking our greatest golf courses. Numerous publications produce their own lists using all types of criteria: design, visual appeal, quality, condition of the courses, etc. They use teams of experts from all walks of golfing life to produce their own “definitive” lists. Judging panels include golf course architects/designers, amateur and professional champions, commentators, photographers and executive members of all types of golfing institutes.

What is completely fresh and original about us is the way in which we have used the published data from these ranking and rating tables. We have developed a unique and comprehensive database containing, in some cases, decades of historical ranking information.

We have then applied a series of rules and algorithms to create a current and informed rating, based on:

Ø      Number of times that a golf course has appeared on a ranking table

Ø      Weighted in favour of courses appearing in the World rankings

Ø      Weighting courses appearing most recently in any ranking tables

Ø      Check and balance by our own team of passionate aficionados

Importantly, we have created our own unique rating system, which is built into the "write a review" process within each individual golf course web page. This simple rating system allows you to rate each course on a scale of 1 to 6 golf balls. We have set no specific rules for you to follow when you rate a course except, naturally, that you (the reviewer) must have played the course first. Important factors, such as course location, condition (or presentation), difficulty and historical importance are left for you, the reviewer, to judge.
Occasionally we will publish a Top 100 list (where sufficient data is available) based purely on reviews posted by you, the passionate golfer. In the first of our Top 100 books, your No.1 in the British Isles was Royal Dornoch. Dornoch has never before been voted as the No.1 course, but who would possibly argue with you?   

Additionally we ask for expert opinions from people who have played an extensive number of golf courses in their country or territory. Our 2010 New Zealand rankings, for example, involved polling dozens of Kiwi club pros. In 2015 we polled every golf club in Britain & Ireland and obtained the opinions of Club Champions and Club Professionals to help define our regional rankings.    

All this data is weighted and eventually culminates in our unique and all-encompassing ranking positions for each golf course. We honestly believe that nobody does it better than you and us together.

There is no doubt that whenever any list is produced, it provides a lively talking point across the whole of the golfing world, especially at those golf clubs fortunate enough to make it onto the latest list. When a conventional ranking table is produced, there are winners and losers, high climbers, big fallers and new entries. Naturally, it also means that golf courses may drop off the latest list, sometimes never to be seen again. This does not mean that these golf courses are no longer “top courses”; it simply means that other courses (old or new) have improved or come into favour.

Uniquely, here at Top 100 Golf Courses, we recognise that it is important to constantly reassess all our best golf courses. Biennially we re-sequence our ranking database to take all the latest information into account. Courses will go up and down, but they will never be taken offline. We also play as many golf courses as we can and we've written our own independent golf course reviews for literally thousands of courses. 

Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur golfer, we would like to know what you think of the Top 100 golf courses that you have played.  Please take the time to write your own review and give the course a rating. Hopefully you will find our unique golf ball rating system fun and relevant. Visit our current World Top 100 or use our comprehensive search facility to find the course(s) that you'd like to review. But please, only write a review if you have played the course yourself.

If you have photographs of any of the listed golf courses, we would love to display them on this website. There is an online facility to "submit an image".  

www.top100golfcourses.co.uk is a totally independent website. We are not associated with any of the golf publications that rank golf courses (other than our own), but we are passionate about golf and addicted to playing great golf courses.


In the spring of 2011 we changed the look of our web pages and for some courses we may now show up to four ranking positions for any one course. In the example shown, 4th represents the state/county/area ranking position, 10th is the course position in country (England in this example), 29th is the course position in Britain & Ireland and 92nd is where the course is placed on our world ranking table.


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