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Remedy Oak, England
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Remedy Oak
Horton Road
BH21 8ND
ArchitectJohn Jacobs
Head Professional/Director of GolfNigel Tokely
Telephone+44 (0) 1202 812070
Location4 miles N of Wimborne
Websites Golf Club Website
VisitorsRestricted times
Club Secretary/ ManagerClare Regan

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Remedy Oak opened for play in November 2005 and Englishman and former Ryder Cup Captain John Jacobs designed the golf course. Set in more than 250 acres of ancient woodland near Horton in Dorset, Remedy Oak immediately appears mature beyond its tender years. John Jacobs commented: “When I first saw the location for Remedy Oak, I knew it had the potential to be one of the best courses in the UK. To see it now, I feel that potential has been realised.” 

With a girth of more than 6 metres, the Remedy Oak tree, which is located a couple of miles from the course, is legendary. Apparently the nine-year-old Boy King, King Edward VI sat under the oak tree and “touched for Kings Evil”. Kings Evil was a medieval custom whereby the King could touch and heal people with skin diseases.  

Miracles cannot be guaranteed at Remedy Oak Golf Club but we can vouch for the fact that it’s perhaps the most exclusive golf club south of the M25 and the course is highly polished with immaculate tee to green grooming. Remedy Oak is also home to the Legends Charity Golf Classic, where cricketer Sir Ian Botham hosts an annual charity event in aid of Leukaemia Research. 

Many people in the know reckon Remedy Oak is one of the finest inland golf courses in Britain but few people had the chance to experience the course when it first opened. Thankfully the club now welcomes visitors and the word on the street is that the rather expensive green fee is worth every penny.

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Average Reviewers Score:     
To this reviewer: this is the best new inland course built in recent years. It has one obvious drawback: it was built on clay, and does not drain very well. That said, given dry weather, with the possible exception of the slightly silly short par 4 8th, these are uniformly beautiful, nicely framed holes, with differing challenges, that require different shapes of shot. Every hole requires thought or it will bite you. Each is better for being cut through forest and mature trees, because the course looks much older than it in fact is. Very good conditioning, good greens, nice staff and all the amenities one could want.
07 July 2013 Respond to above review
Third round at Remedy since the course opened and pleased to report that everything is maturing nicely and we have the makings of a modern classic here. The atmosphere at the club lends itself to plenty of enjoyment and a lot of relaxation which is certainly down to the environment and a team onsite of very customer focussed staff. I do try to make comparisons with other courses I play and try to group them together by style of course or age of course, so the obvious four would be Woburn’s Marquess, Wentworth’s Edinburgh and Brocket Hall’s Palmerston for the style and then Bearwood Lakes for the age (and also the course quality). After playing all of these several times now, I think I give Remedy Oak the top slot but only just as all of the others are 5-ball rated for me too. I mentioned the great 2nd hole in my review dated 19/09/2009 which is just a brilliant par-5 – other great holes include the long and testing good looking par-3 4th, the strong dog-legging 10th where you just have to be on the left of the fairway to set-up your approach shot and maybe the par-5 15th could challenge the 2nd hole as best on the course? This one has a creek running the length of the hole which has to be crossed twice before reaching a very tricky green. I wish the club plenty of success because they present a very good looking course and do it in a classy manner. Would also hope to see a positive move at the next re-rank.
01 June 2013 Respond to above review
What a fantastic modern course. Built in an idyllic setting, it winds its way through beautiful natural Dorset countryside, with plenty of nature and wildlife to admire. No two holes are the same, with numerous water hazards, many deep vast bunkers and plenty of trees to navigate your way around. Stoke index 1 and 2 are extremely testing holes, both demanding a carefully placed tee shot to leave mid to long iron approaches. The par 5's are all spectacular, with the stand out hole being no.2 which requires an approach shot to a island green with water on 3 sides. It's a classy course and it keeps you interested all the way through. This could arguably be the finest non-heathland inland course in England, and I highly recommend playing it if you are given the opportunity.
18 May 2013 Respond to above review
I had the pleasure of playing here on the 19th feb in a charity day & I had heard good things about this place so I was looking forward to the day very much. The practice range is very good but the putting green was closed which for such a grand place was a bit surprising. The course is laid out very well over a great piece of land & there is lots of good holes (with some very pretty back drops) that will test your all round game, This course reminds me of the new courses that have been built in Turkey over the last few years with lots of bunkers & very sloping greens which can lead to many 3 putts. The greens were very very wet which was a bit of a surprise to me as this course must have been built to a high standard & I did notice quite a lot of moss around the greens & tees but I guess this must be due in part to the very wet weather we have had this last year. My only disappointment was the club house it really dose not do the place justice it's to much like a big barn which is not that warm & welcoming & lacks a heart. But the staff were very nice & very helpful. I know people will say that the course is the most important thing & yes that's true but playing at such places should be more than just the course the whole experience is what playing at top venues is about to me. this is why I think places like The Berkshire, Sunningdale,Woburn & other courses have the edge over Remedy Oak.
22 February 2013 Respond to above review

Dave Brown28 February 2013
I know the course pretty well and I have gone for a 5-ball ranking in the past, so a 4-ball is not a million miles away but I do have a small issue with this review though... An inland course in the south of England being a little wet in February after one of the wetest winters on record - not really fair to be critical I think. Plus comparing Remedy with The Berkshire and Sunningdale who have 100+ years of history and built of very different ground is also a little unfair. NB The three courses at Woburn have been very wet recently too. Lastly, I understand that the clubhouse is different to others but I have always found it welcoming .... plus the reviews should be only about the courses as the site is not called The Top 100 Golf Clubhouses in the World ... Now there is an idea....
Had the pleasure of playing the course with a member and I was extremely impressed, upon arrival I was the first of my group and the staff could not have done enough for me, they even offered free range balls whilst I waited, and the range itself is top-notch, proper grass to play off and high quality range balls. As for the course, wow, wonderfully manicured and in a beautiful woodland setting. The greens are huge and undulating, be prepared from some good challenging putting! Despite a very enjoyable challenging course it is very forgiving in the right places and wayward shoots are not going to leave you feeling frustrated. Having played a number of the UKs premier courses this one now takes top billing for me.....cannot wait to go back!
12 August 2012 Respond to above review
I am fortunate enough to have a good friend who is a member here and have played here several times now. I love everything about Remedy Oak. It is peaceful, beautiful, a true test of golf and everyone is really friendly. The course is always in great condition with some huge greens. The course has been laid out using the natural terrain with enough water to keep you on your toes and several risk / reward holes. I love it here and although a tough test of golf, even if you do lose a few more balls than usual, you will remeber it as a spectacular course. A must play course
30 May 2012 Respond to above review
Beyond good, bordering on golfing perfection. It is just a beautiful and challenging course that will bite you hard if you do not bring your best game (which I didn't). It is more of a thinking players course rather than one for the long hitters though it is by no means short and some of the par 3's will have you taking the big stick out of the bag. Massive greens and massive bunkers but never feels in anyway artificial or American. The yardage book will be the best £5 investment you will ever make before playing Remedy Oak and should be consulted on every shot. The presentation of the course is as good as you would expect and even through you are playing through a forest there is enough width on the fairways to make not it feel like it is a tight track, stick it into the trees though and you'll have to start fashioning some Mickelson esque Augusta shots. I was a little aprehensive before I went at how would the members take to a party of 12 visitors playing their course on a Saturday, after all they have paid a lot of money for a slice of exclusivity. I need not have worried, all of the members we met were fantastic and genuinely interested in how we were finding the Remedy Oak experience, a real credit to the club. The service from both the staff and the pro's at the club cannot be bettered, it doesn't feel pretentious or forced just geniune friendly customer service. Play this course if you can, the green fee is neither expensive or cheap it is affordable and when you put it next to other courses ranked higher (which are nowhere near as good) then it actually looks good value. As we were driving away the comments were 'best course I have ever played' and that sums it up, just bring plenty of balls....
17 May 2012 Respond to above review
wondered if it would live up to the hype and it most certainly did. Seems to be compared regularly with Woburn, but for me was better ! A much more relaxed set up and in particular the first 3 par 5's are the equal of any course in the UK. Probably only 17 was a little under the standard of the rest..Par 3's also very strong. Staff couldnt be friendlier and at 95 pounds very good value. Worth the 2 hour trip
08 May 2011 Respond to above review
Very enjoyable course and the recent move from GEM status to now being ranked within the Top 50 in England and Top 100 of GB&I is well deserved. It is never easy for new courses to come up with a quality offering early in their life but Remedy Oak does it with bells on. The style of the course has similarities to the Palmerston at Brocket Hall, the Edinburgh at Wentworth and the Marquess at Woburn and to be honest can hold it's head high amongst this collection of modern tree lined courses. As early as the 2nd hole you are aware that this is going to be a very good experience; a double dog-leg par-5 with a great shaped green over water...I rate this as one of the south of England's finest par-5's (and I have played hundreds). The 7th hole is a very tough par-4 and rightly has the SI-1 tag... All good courses should have a short par-4 and Remedy Oak actually has two...The 8th is under 300 yards from the back tee but a 40 yard wide water hazard in front of the green ensures that any birdies need to be worked for and the 6th is a little longer but underlines the fact that some of the best par-4's around are not 450+ yards. All in all I rate a round at Remedy Oak very high; not quite a 6-ball experience but a very solid 5-ball (and my expectation was that of a 4-ball). Nice atmosphere around the clubhouse and it is in a brilliant position to watch the 9th and 18th greens ... special mention for the last hole ...the potential for drama is obvious, once again with water in front of the green......
19 September 2009 Respond to above review
Remedy Oak is only 5 years old and has maturity beyond its years. It is easy to see why it is living up to the top billing as the setting and layout of the championship course is almost unique having been laid out in 250 acres of mature and “virgin” woodland. When you arrive at Remedy Oak you get a sense of the imposing class as you come through the resorts gates and drive deep into the woodland estate. The drive to the course gives you a scale of this woodland and when you reach the clubhouse you get an impression of how well this course and clubhouse seamlessly blend into its surroundings. The course condition is still “bedding in” and the grass needs to mature and off course it will, but it feels like golf has been played here for many years. Each hole is nicely separated and the course has cut a fantastic route through the forest. The first 4 holes are a measure of the varying challenge that this course offers. A good opening par 4 followed by one of the signature holes where a perfectly positioned drive gives you scope to hit this par 5 in two, but beware of the lake that surrounds a good proportion of this green. The fourth is a measure of the challenge that the par 3’s offer, though this is the longest at approximately 220yards. Remedy Oak is all the better for allowing the brave (or reckless!) player a number of risk or reward shorter par 4’s – the 6th and 8th are two great examples. The back nine at Remedy continues with a wonderful array of holes. The 10th is a challenging par 4 that requires you to be long enough otherwise you are blocked off by the trees. The 11th a short par 3 keeps the standard of the short holes high with again a near 200yards shot to a green guarded by water. The 14th is one of the longer par 4’s and like the 3rd and 7th before are a challenge in terms of accuracy and length. As you then walk through the trees to the 15th you are faced with Remedy’s finest moment, a wonderful par 5 that slides round the corner and with the green the other side of a stream. With the hole at 500yards you are faced with the dilemma of carrying in two or laying up for a conventional par. The finishing holes could be described as quirky, the 17th, a par 5 which will catch you out with your blind second shot if you have not played it before, while the 18th is a dogleg that leaves a wedge over water to a green in front of the clubhouse. It is a tricky little hole and one that will catch you unawares at the end of a round and not what you would necessarily expect on a championship course of this class. It does though demonstrate the variety and individuality of the design that will have you smiling at its cunning while marvelling at the truly idyllic setting for a golf course. Ian Henley
22 August 2009 Respond to above review
Really good course and deserving of its recent introduction to Golf World’s Top 100 but a little presumptuous to compare it with Augusta. On the downside the fairways were a little bare and the walk between greens and tees was a bit tiresome. Definitely worth a trip and I personally thought it was good value.
27 March 2009 Respond to above review
I believe this is the top new course in the top 100 this year. I could see that. The staff were very friendly, there are 4 excellent par 5's which use the natural landscape exceedingly well. The 1,1 a par 3, 190 yards the day we palyed it, water in front, bunker at the back, the best whole on the course and may well be one of the best par 3's palyed all year. The downside, it's a new course and as such the fairway grass need 10 years, little they can do about that ! the price very- £80 in February over the top, worth £50 in the winter may be £80 in the summer.
05 March 2009 Respond to above review
It is very rare that i give praise but in this case it has to be an exception.The course was outstanding when i played in our annual matchplay on Wednesday June 11th everything was perfect. Attentive helpfull staff plus excellent food makes this a must before the word gets arround If you have played Queenwood and The Wisley try this for comparison.Congratulations and look forward to playing the course again.
15 June 2008 Respond to above review
Awesome - if not already this will be best inland course in UK. Think Augusta, play Remedy Oak!
31 January 2008 Respond to above review
A really top-notch course and one of the best I played this year (although not quite on a par with Shinnecock!). I played on a perfect day early in July and the course was in excellent condition and wonderfully empty. It is also wonderfully secluded and peaceful and its routing through mature woodland belies its youth. The par 3s are the pick of the holes, especially the 4th and 11th. 15 is a great hole too and 18 is a great matchplay finishing hole. Sadly I wasn't able to sample the hospitality but certainly the greeting and staff that I met were friendly. A must play if you are in the area - in fact well worth a trip.
08 January 2008 Respond to above review
We played Remedy Oak in June, this is a true test & a delight to play it is rare that such a new course feels so mature. The 50 ft pines guide you in the direction of the green. With the new clubhouse now open and stunning service throughout we had a fabulous day and look forward to returning sometime soon. With a few more years to mature even further this exculsive club will surely be climbing up the top 100 ladder. Recommend a buggy Long Walk.
04 July 2007 Respond to above review
i've spent 25 years playing great courses, mainly in the south east, and this is as good if not better than any of them.... and unlike Wentworth, Queenwood, or Sunningdale, you cant hear the motorway in the distance!
19 May 2007 Respond to above review
Course nice, but operators arrogant and seem to think that this is equal to the best in the land, which it isn't.......also much too expensive......sadly will join the list of failures unless encouragement for more people to play is offered
23 April 2007 Respond to above review

laurie hopper11 May 2007
Played 9 May 07 in the drizzle. Great Course especially the greens. Staff VERY polite. At 70 pounds - still enjoyed. Every bit as good as Wentworth/Sunningdale. Hope I play it again..I'm 70.

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