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New Zealand Golf Club
Woodham Lane
KT15 3QD
ArchitectSamuel “Mure” Fergusson, Tom Simpson
Head Professional/Director of GolfVic Elvidge
Telephone+44 (0) 1932 345049
Location1.5 miles NE of Woking
Websites Golf Club Website
VisitorsContact in advance
Club Secretary/ ManagerRoger A Marrett

Founded in 1895 and designed by Samuel “Mure” Fergusson, New Zealand Golf Club is a top-class course located within the famous Surrey heath belt. New Zealand was laid out on the estate of H.F. Locke-King, who also built Brooklands, the world’s first motor racing circuit, on his property.

Following in the footsteps of nearby Woking Golf Club, New Zealand’s design was innovative, being one of the earliest courses to be routed across dense heathland. Fergusson continued to improve the layout for another thirty years during his long-term secretarial position at New Zealand Golf Club. In 1931, after Fergusson’s death, Tom Simpson (aided by Philip Mackenzie Ross) was commissioned to perform a major redesign of the course, which included significant bunker modifications.

According to Bernard Darwin, "New Zealand is sui generis. It does not compete with other courses, but it sets its own standard and lives up to it. If anyone wants to play a friendly game, uncrowded and unseen, to have a good lunch in pleasant company, and get home early to London, there is no place like New Zealand." 

Not a long course by today’s standards, at a little over 6,000 yards, but with a lowly par of 68, it represents a challenge; six of the par fours are more than 400 yards long. Needless to say, accuracy rather than distance is important from the tee. The course plays through avenues of birch trees and there is plenty of heather to catch the wayward ball. New Zealand really is a stylish golf course and it’s a privilege to be able to play a round at this engaging golf club.

Most of the holes are isolated from each other by the trees; it’s an intimate feeling and a great place to play golf with friends. The 9th hole is about as far away from the clubhouse as you can get and it's the first in a cluster of three holes which are located on the other side of Martyrs Lane – so make sure you have everything you need in your bag before you start your round.

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Average Reviewers Score:     
Wonderful! From the moment I drove through the gates I knew this was my kind of golf course, traditional and simple. Do not be fooled by the card saying less then 6000 yards, you need to remain focused to score well but if you are not playing well it does not matter as it will still be a great walk with lovely vistas.
28 May 2014 Respond to above review
Pass through the discreet gates of New Zealand Golf club and you are welcomed into a golfing oasis of the highest quality, shielded from the 21st century's inexorable urgency . It is an anachronism of the finest kind. A genteel garden of mature pines, beech, oak and heather where time stands still in understated elegance and you lose yourself in sublime golfing tranquillity. The routing of the course takes you on a winding journey through avenues of established heather with forest beyond. Each hole has its own theatre and for the first time player it is quite straight forward to know where you should be playing. New Zealand Golf Course - Photo by reviewerIt is a test but it never puts you under enormous pressure. Everything about this layout is very subtle. You have to play through gentle swales and over modest heather fringed bunkers to greens that are receptive and perfectly true, unplagued by hollywood contouring, plateaus or tiers. The conditioning of the course is nothing short of fastidious. If you play well here you can score. If you do not, you will bleed profusely from a thousand tiny cuts. The clubhouse and hospitality has a unique quality and charm that is both welcoming and reassuring. I did not want to leave. I could have played some more holes but maybe 36 was enough? This course, which is all about 4’s and 3’s, has gently undulating par 4's that offer a deeply enjoyable variety of challenges including some longish carries over heather. It requires more strategic consideration than brute force from the tee and considered accuracy into the generous greens. The pars 3’s are pretty and a couple of them are nicely long and not for the feint hearted. The only par 5 is easily reachable with 2 good blows and can be a ball eater if you take in the flora. If you have the chance to play here for the day you should clear your diary. It is lovely and immensely special. JCB Lay
05 June 2013 Respond to above review
Had 36 holes at New Zealand on Friday, and have to say it was very impressive. The greens were fast and true, and the layout is deceptively difficult. When you look at the yardage and the par of 68, you may be lulled into believing that the course is short and easy, but in fact, it is an excellent Surrey heathland challenge to rank alongside all but the very best in the county. The club is old fashioned, quiet and full of charm, and is a very enjoyable and relaxed experience!
08 April 2013 Respond to above review
The best "unknown" course in Surrey, much better than many of its more publicised neighbours, Straight hitting and every club in the bag is necessary, fast, firm, true greens. A bit old fashioned but our game needs great places like this.
14 October 2011 Respond to above review

Bob28 May 2012
The course was virtually empty except for our two four balls. It was in fantastic condition on Friday though and the bacon roll & lunch were top notch.
This is my 2nd time playing this course and what a great day was had by all - the course was in excellent condition and the food was fabulous - what a brilliant day. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who gets the chance to play.
22 June 2011 Respond to above review
played today. wonderful course and the welcome couldn't have been friendlier.We all wanted to be members. Having played most of the courses around here, I would definitely put this one at the top.
31 May 2011 Respond to above review
This is old fashioned golf at it's best, friendly members strolling around with Labradors, lockers with the names of the previous deceased owners on, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They really know how to make a society feel welcome here, bacon butty & coffee to start, a nice chap with Pimms at the ready for us at the 7th & 13th greens, and later we had a terrific lunch then back out for foursomes. I understand from the staff that they have one society that's been coming here for over 100 years. The course is pretty flat so is very walkable, and without significant elevation changes or distance to challenge you, the course relies on it's bunkers and heather and a par of 68 to keep you on your mettle. "Keep it on the fairways", seemed such simple advice - the memorable holes for me were the par 3 16th, and the dog leg 17th - but I must admit to a bit of a McCartney moment (ie. getting totally annoyed by the relentless Heather!), but in spite of that I could appreciate the old school charm and character of the place. A very enjoyable experience, go if you get the chance.
06 September 2010 Respond to above review
This place is what golf was all about 100 years ago and very little seems to have changed since. It only has 300 members and most of them don't play often!! It was a real treat to be able to play here as we had the whole course to ourselves. We received a very warm welcome all the staff on duty. The coure itself is tough so don't be fooled by its short yardage as its only a par 68. A number of the par 4's are over 400 yards and there appear to be bunkers just about everywhere and endless heather flanks the tight fairways. The greens have subtle breaks and are small so difficult to hit. Its also a very pretty course and deserves its place in the top 100. Play here if you get the chance.
08 March 2010 Respond to above review

Martin OConnell14 April 2010
Played the course today and i have to say it was incredible. It just gets better the more i play it. The club oozes class and is wonderfully kept. Compliments to a fine green keeping/artisan scheme there. Secreteriat there are polite and friendly along with bar staff. Wonderfull festive board available to all and members were a very pleasant bunch. I could write all night about the course but others have echoed its praises. All previous reports are true. This is by no means a short playing course however, so unless you iniliate your 3wood 260+ then the driver will get used. A day at New Zealand is a golfing experience!! The Par 3 16th is a wonder.
Despite the many elements which combine to make the course better than its sum parts, it is the bunkering which is New Zealand's standout feature. It has long been my belief that Walton Heath's bunkers are the best in the heathlands. According to Patric Dickinson, "They are curiously, aggressively, artificial looking." While not nearly as austere as Walton's Heath's pits, indeed one could say that New Zealand's are alarmingly charming, yet just as effective as those of Fowler's maiden design.

Because both courses are fairly flat the bunkers take on a more prominent strategic role and may explain why the architects seemed to take great care in creating thoughtful hazards which in the best of traditions guard rather than frame greens. While admiring the strategy and beauty of the bunkering one’s appreciation for New Zealand can increase imperceptibly. There is a fair amount of wonderful architecture that is more often than not dismissed as "flat" and therefore uninteresting. This sort of attitude will lead golfers to miss out on one of the true gems of London.

Much of New Zealand is the product of Mure Fergusson's 1895 design which was unique for its day in that it was carved out of a forest. Fergusson continued to make refinements over the following 30 years as secretary of the club. Not long after his death Tom Simpson was called in to make significant changes. Being a former partner of Herbert Fowler and a member of Woking gave Simpson first-hand knowledge of good design principles. Among the alterations were the addition of the great green complexes for #s 17 & 18, the short 3rd hole and a grand bunkering scheme for the entire course. Consequently it is fair to state that New Zealand is the product of both these gentlemen.

New Zealand offers a score of cracking holes to be admired and perhaps the long one-shot 7th best illustrates caliber of the course. There can be no flatter hole in all of England, and the green too appears to have no movement. This though is a deception, in fact, the green runs right toward what is one of the finest hazards of the heathlands. There is plenty of room to hit a tee shot, but the indecisive golfer who leaks a shot right must answer to the genius of Simpson; a large bunker with a heather mound resting in the middle. Often times, it can be difficult to hit a recovery toward the hole. However, the primary bunker is set some 10 yards or so short of the green on the left. It protects the direct line to a back left hole location and pinches the kick in for more central pin placements. Time and again the golfer will encounter bunkers which sustain interest by creating angles and choices.

The clubhouse has bags of charm and the course is demandingly honest, but the vital statistics will often surprise golfers; par of 68 and a breath under 6000 yards. These numbers may strike many as a bit on the light side, however, don't be deceived. The story of New Zealand is discovered in its playing and with six holes which can take some reaching, only one of which is a three-shotter, and two long par 3s, New Zealand offers plenty of challenge. This sort of configuration is a wonderful example of how to combat flat bellies yet offer respite for the less gifted players. The course isn't blessed with the rolling property, but New Zealand does drain exceedingly well. The flatter landscape offers a pleasantly cunning game and is a comfortable walk. For any interested in seeing how a cleverly conceived bunker scheme can transform a golf course, New Zealand is well worth a visit.

Bernard Darwin encapsulates the qualities of the club and course like no other can; "New Zealand is sui generis. It does not compete with other courses, but it sets its own standard and lives up to it."
24 February 2010 Respond to above review
The New Zealand Golf Club is very much a world away from the trials and tribulations of the rush of modern life... The course starts with a gentle par 4 in front of the clubhouse - with just enough option to slice one through the secretary's window to keep you on your toes (let's face it all first tees should bring in the embarassment factor)- but get away and you should be fine. It's old fashioned in a 'Brancaster sort' of way - and the deadman lockers are a view into the old school. It's certainly not a long course but it's fantastically well framed with rhodies and the like and in May must be spectacular to say the least. The greens get a B for pace and run - but that's ok as the course does pretty much make up for it - and you just need to make sure your putting is aggressive. Whilst it's short and puts a premium on accuracy, I actually found (2 Prov's later) that it actually rewarded the braver hitter and actually playing for position was often just as likely to feed the splendid, plentiful and hungry heather. Par 3's stand out - as do the clubhouse sarnies. To my mind, I prefer the likes of Sunningdale, St George's Hill in the immediate area - but would I play it again - absolutely - and it's really like playing on your own, as the course is rarely busy. Has the secret aura of gem that should be on your play list. Liked it. Liked it alot.
18 January 2010 Respond to above review
Probably biased as this my home course. But I wouldn't want to be a member anywhere else! The greens could be a bit quicker, but they have some of the best bunkering around. Miss a fairway and your in trouble during the summer when the heather is brutal. Although it looks short at 6000 yards, play it off the back markers and it becomes completely different, 2nd hole is a superb par 4 and the last 3 holes make a great finish. 5 par 3's and only 1 par 5 contribute to what looks short. I also take no notice of saying you don't need a driver here (unless you consistently hit a 3 wood straight and 250 yards). Will never be bored of being a member here!!
12 October 2007 Respond to above review

george31 May 2008
after playing here recently i felt it was in shocking condition. greens were slow and bumpy,fairways were long and both rough and semi looked like it had no been touched in years. shame really because this could be one of the be courses in the area !! seriously think the head greenkeeper needs to do something urgently to save this course from becoming very ordinary.. and for the record i did play well and thought the layout of the course is fantastic.
Adrian Jones04 December 2008
I played today for my first time. Greens were fast and true and this was early December after heavy rainfall. pure delight.
Martin OConnell14 April 2010
Your not biased at all. If i had the chamce to be a member here then i would jump. This club is what golf is all about. The club has bags of character,wonderfull staff and the course is exceptional. Wonderfully exclusive also...NEW ZEALAND IS AS GOOD A GOLF EXPERIENCE YOU COULD WANT. Par 3 16th is incredible..
Once you have turned into the discrete entrance of the golf course and made your way through the electric gates, the ages slip away and you are enveloped in that old fashioned Surrey world of foursomes golf on a classic heathland course. The clubhouse is a picture in itself and very little seems to have changed over the last hundred years. In the locker room the ancient members lockers have all the present and past owners written on them in gold letters. A little macabre but typically old school and some of them have had only four or so members name on them! This is one of those typically exclusive Surrey courses where the membership list is short and they are definitely not encouraged to play to often. The course itself is immaculate, you wander down well manicured fairways (with amazingly few divots) framed with rhodies and bordered by swathes of heather. It's not a long course, a 6,100 par 68, but it is pretty. I think the par three 16th is probably one of the best, all you can see is heather and a flagstick in the near distance. The trouble on this course is just off the fairway, with that heather, and up by the greens. The greens themselves are true and hard and often have deep and extensive bunkers surrounding them. However as a test of golf it was for a different era and it was never meant to be a championship course even then. Although pretty it is also a flat course, so it has none of the undulating ground and sweeping views of Swinley Forest or the three W's. However as a place to play it is right up there with the best and not impossible to get onto if you book in advance and unlike Swinley the welcome was very pleasant. In terms of ranking I'd put it just above the three W's although maybe on a par with Worplesdon and Swinley but not a patch on St George's Hill, Berkshire or of course Sunningdale.
29 May 2007 Respond to above review
It is always a real treat to play here. The course is wonderful and don't be deceived by the length. Accuracy is the key and the heather can be punishing to anyone thinking of trying to overpower this classic Surrey heathland gem. You will have to look hard for the 150 yard markers so neatly are they hidden amongst the beautiful rhoddies and trees but don't rely on the yardage too much. New Zealand requires a full array of shots and target golf this isn't. Once on the greens you will have much fun trying to read the subtle borrows and enjoy the very true roll. You WILL enjoy your game here and you WILL enjoy your lunch just as much! Traditional and hugely enjoyable, New Zealand should be a top 100 course.
05 June 2006 Respond to above review
The entrace to club is typically Surrey. Low key but secure. Checking in to play isn't the most welcoming experience in the world. You get the feeling that they don't really want any visitors which makes you wonder why they allow them. However, once you get onto the course you are in splendid isolation - not only because the holes are well separated but because this is such a quiet course. It's in superb condition throughout and most holes have their merits. A great collection of par 3's, punishing heather, excellent bunkering. Greens were a little slower than is the norm for a Surrey heathland but were still smooth and true. All in all a fantastic course to play - if you're not too much of an inconvenience for them!
09 September 2005 Respond to above review
This a delightful and stylish's not long so you won't need your driver very often but you do need to keep the ball in play. The surroundings are gorgeous and you play most holes in isolation. A very pleasant course - always a pleasure to play here.
29 April 2005 Respond to above review
They are not overly keen on visitors but the course is a dream. Very stylish and traditional course, but a little on the short side. Thoroughly enjoyable experience.
02 April 2004 Respond to above review

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